Intelligent Cell Controller

Niigata Intelligent Cell Controller

Niigata ICC Pallet System and Multi-Level Stacker

Why Automate your machining operations with Niigata?

  • Flexible Automation = Higher productivity
  • Flexible Automation = Assists with business demand fluctuations
  • Flexible Automation = Reduces production lost time (repetitive work) such as setups, manual transfer
  • Flexible Automation = Reduces monies held in WIP & Inventories
  • Benefits are increased revenue & profit, increased through put, and resource efficiency.


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Niigata ICC (Intelligent Cell Controller)

Machining Program per pallet

  • Simple set-up & easy program changes while in machine run mode.
  • Scheduled cell production operations are controlled by the pallet carrier.
  • NC program, systematic operation corresponding to tool condition, and un-manned operation.

Easy to change data by operator

  • Improved productivity corresponding to work conditions.

Shut-down funtion when production schedule is completed.

  • Energy-saving.

4 Face Control

4 Face Control

Four face control of individual part types. 0°/90°/180°/270°assigned NC programs which are set for each face and then automatically run in the cell. Since table rotation is executed in the 4 face control function, B-axis rotation instruction in each NC program is not required. The same NC program can be applied to different faces. 4 or 8 faces are available on the ICC system as a Factory default setting.

Niigata Intelligent Cell Controller Screens and Operations

ICC Screens and Operations

Steps to initiate system operations

  1. Create pallet schedule assignment.
  2. Register NC programs to ICC.
  3. Set production schedule.
  4. Press Cycle Start button.

Graphic Display of Production Results

Graphic Display of Production Results

This optional software provides daily/monthly production results in graphical display. Note: This software is a stand-alone type.